Oh, hey! I'm Dani, a fiber artist and workshop instructor. I strive to push the boundaries of needle felting to create realistic and delightful wool "paintings." I am a self-taught artist and discovered needle felting in 2011.  I began wool painting (two-dimensional needle felting) in 2014, and it has since become my specialty.

My past job as a zoo educator and related Biology bachelor's degree and Conservation Education master's degree has deeply influenced my body of work thus far.  I gravitate toward creating beautiful pieces of animals, plants and the natural world.

This year I started a new project to build my skills as an artist and expand into new mediums.  I began with one goal: to fill a sketchbook.  I have already reached that goal and continue to fill more pages.  You can read about my Sketchbook Project here.

I worked at a zoo teaching conservation education for ten years until I made fiber art my full-time gig in the summer of 2015, so I am often inspired by animals and nature, and I love to share with and teach others about the natural world. Check out my Fur, Feathers & Scales series if you love animals, too! 

Chatting with some kids about Cloud Dancer the peregrine falcon

I just moved back home to Arkansas, from Missouri, with my husband (jr. high sweetheart!), Brandon, and our two dogs and cat. We live in a cute bunk house in a barn, with chickens ten feet away across the "hall" and cows sixty feet away on the opposite side.  We have a lot of shared hobbies and interests, and I'm very thankful for that. We also love to travel (there's not much better inspiration), so often we are preparing/daydreaming/planning/saving for our next trip.

Enjoying an espresso in Bolzano, Italy

Our reflection in the dusty mirrors of the Palace of Versailles

Road-tripping through Florida (We like reflection selfies, obviously.)

In January 2011, I discovered needle felting and fell in love. Working with wool as a medium is so different, but I'm always very satisfied with the results. I opened my shop in March 2011 and have been felting ever since.

My style has changed from the beginning of my felting adventure (from cutesy animal figurines to realistic animal portraits, nature scenes and still lifes), and now I feel like I've grown very much into an artist.  Through fiber art, I've been able to explore and expand my skills and become an expert and guide in my field.  I'm so grateful for the opportunities that have come my way because of this. I look forward to my future growth as an artist.  Thanks for coming along, and I hope that I can inspire you along the way as well.  I'm so glad you're here!