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Custom Artwork
I am so delighted (and flattered and grateful and excited!) that you are interested in owning of piece of Good Natured Art!  Here are some details about my custom ordering process:

Pet Portraits - I offer a limited number of wool painting pet portraits per month, which are usually sold a few months in advance.  Currently, I'm booked through April 2017, since I'm working on pieces for a summer exhibition. I announce availability for pet portraits to my newsletter recipients, so I hope you'll join if you'd like to receive updates--you can add your name to the list at the bottom of this page.  (Plus, an adorable bunny printable will hop its way to your inbox when you sign up!)

Currently, I offer two sizes for pet portraits:
--6 inch hoop = $180
--8 inch hoop $340+ (price will vary depending on project)

*Additional shipping. I can do multiple pets per hoop, at my discretion (if the composition works), for an additional cost per pet.  I can also do standard frame sizes at similar prices as requested.

Other Wool Painting Projects -  I try to build in time each month to work on my own projects but also to leave room for requests other than pet portraits. If you'd like to commission a custom piece that is not a pet portrait, please email me (, and I'd be happy to chat with you.  **Currently, I do not offer portraits of humans. Raccoons in bow ties, yes. Beautiful landscapes, sure.  Humans? Nope. ;)

Collaborations - I totally love working with other artists and artisans.  If you have an idea for a collaboration, by all means, get in touch!

Workshops/Classes - If you'd like to host a workshop at your space, or hire me to teach a class, please email me to discuss class options, dates and rates. I love traveling, and I'm open to visiting anywhere! 

While you're here, enjoy perusing my other projects.

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