Dec 27, 2014

52 Weeks of Felt Paintings - Week 52

My last felt painting of the year is another pet portrait.  I plan on continuing this project next year. It definitely keeps me accountable and keeps me creating new projects. I hope you've enjoyed following along!  Did you have a favorite painting from this year?

Hopefully I'll find some time to blog more soon--I miss it, but you all are keeping me busy with felting orders!

Dec 20, 2014

52 Weeks of Felt Paintings - Week 51

I've had a great week! I'm still super busy getting local orders out for friends and family, but I'm down to just a few things to do and that feels so great.  Looking back at all I've made and accomplished in the past few months makes me really proud and ready grow this business of mine.  I've got some exciting things planned for the next few months, so stay tuned!

I'm sharing another pet portrait hoop this weekend.  This is a memorial piece.

Happy weekend to you, friends!

Dec 13, 2014

52 Weeks of Felt Paintings - Week 50

I tried my very first pet portrait in a hoop.  I could not be more pleased with the results!! I will be offering these in my shop soon!!

I'm still finishing holiday orders, but the list is growing shorter--hooray!!  Also, in a few days, I'll be listing some animal hoops in my shop.  Keep an eye on my instagram or facebook to find out exactly when they'll be available!!

Happy weekend!!

Dec 6, 2014

52 Weeks of Felt Paintings - Week 49

I had a wet felting extravaganza last week!  I have some beautiful rovings, and they were just begging to be wet felted.  So here are four pretty versions of a sunset.

I shared this photo on social media, but I want to share it here also.  These are before and after shots of each of these sunsets.  The left side is the loose wool, composed and layered, and the right side is after the painting is wet felted and dried.  Cool, right?

Enjoy your weekend friends!

Dec 3, 2014

52 Weeks of Felt Paintings - Week 48

Sorry for the late post, friends.  The past two weeks have been the busiest ever for my shop.  In fact, the next three weeks will be just as busy, so expect to see me a little less than normal.  I'll probably only be posting my 52 Weeks of Felt Paintings projects.  Soooo...

I felted a new fox!  I think he's rad.

Last weekend was the Indie Emporium in Tulsa.  We had a GREAT time and sold lots of wool art.  I'll post a few pictures of that soon!

This Friday and Saturday, you'll find me in Fayetteville, Ar at The Little Craft Show.  It's my last show of the season (phew!) but I'm crazy excited about it! Come see us if you're in the area--It's gonna be fabulous!