Jul 25, 2016

Sketchbook Project - Week 29

I noticed a theme this week: yellow.  I certainly don't mind the change.  Typically I'm pulled toward blues, greens, pinks (which you'll still find in these pages), but there's definitely more sunny yellow in general.  Plus, I let the week end in a bright yellow bang with a banana!

This week I pulled some inspiration from my phone camera roll (the indigo milk cap toadstool and the sunrise landscape), plus some from home (the houseplant leaf, toast and banana.)  Fun fact--I love toast.  I would eat it every meal if I wouldn't feel guilty about eating so much bread.  So one of my spreads this week is a lovely 'ode to toast' with some of my fave ways of enjoying it: strawberry slices and a touch of honey, topped with an egg, slices of avocado, and cinnamon & sugar. Yum!

By the end of the week, I really wanted to work with acrylics, so I found a seemingly easy but beautiful landscape in my phone photos.  It actually wasn't difficult, but I took longer than estimated to complete it, per usual.  I've found that when I work with acrylics, I tend to work on the piece until it's just right--no shortcuts and leaving anything looking unfinished.

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Left: Colored Pencil             Right: Mechanical & Graphite Pencils
Watercolor and Colored Pencil
Acrylic Paint
Acrylic Paint

Jul 18, 2016

Sketchbook Project - Week 28

It's a good feeling to walk away from a week of sketches and feel satisfied with them as small body of work.  I carried the illustrative look from last week's cactus and chair sketch into the hydrangea page this week, but I used watercolor rather than colored pencil.  I like the affect it achieved.  I also had my very first week of figure drawing class here in Fayetteville, AR, so I replicated one of my graphite drawings into my sketchbook.  I've never done figure drawing before, and I was anxious to see how I would like it.  Even though it was just a two hour class, I feel like I learned so much and left very excited to come back for the next class. 

I experimented with watercolors on the blue and then the green and pink page (which was inspired by the prettiest bromeliad plant that I just added to our home.) And true to my sketches, I added not one but TWO food themed pages.  I don't know what it is, but I just really like to make art of food.  The medium doesn't even matter--I like to make wool paintings of food too!  I kind of had to create an ice cream page since Sunday was National Ice Cream day....right?

Anyway....have a look and enjoy the sketches!
Watercolor and Gelly Roll Pen
Mechanical Pencil
Left & Right:  Watercolor
Acrylic Paints
Gelly Roll Pen & Watercolor

Have a great week, pals!
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Jul 15, 2016

The Coolest Collaboration

A few months ago, I was approached by an amazing company with a great opportunity.  Though they are relatively new--not even a year old yet--but I had already been a fan for a while and was definitely impressed with the the folks involved and the service they offered. So when that initial email came, I didn't hesitate to say yes!

Let me introduce you to The Crafter's Box!  They curate a monthly box, which contains all the supplies and specialty tools that you need to create a beautiful, high-quality, "grown-up" project.  Each month also comes with a professionally produced video tutorial, PLUS you'll have the chance to participate in a live maker chat to ask any questions you may have about the project.

So, you may be wondering, "Dani, did you help curate a project?"
Why, yes I did.
"Is it needle felting?" 
It sure is!
"What is your project?!?"
Welllll....I can't reveal all the secrets just yet, but I do have some fun things to share!  Last week I traveled to San Diego to participate in The Crafter's Box second ever Maker Retreat.  I got to meet all the other makers and artists for the next "batch" of boxes.  We hung out poolside, were pampered with amazing food and experiences, enjoyed each other's company, but we were also there to work.  We each filmed our tutorials, styled vignettes for photo shoots of ourselves and our projects. Below are a few snapshots I took during my two days in California. It was magical.

I got to meet ladies I've admired for a while, and I made so many new friends! I'm so impressed with the support The Crafter's Box offers its collaborating makers and artists. But also I'm in love with the whole idea of a monthly box that offers beautiful crafts with expert makers.  If you are a maker, or if you love gorgeous, handmade projects, I encourage you to check it out

And one last thing....here's a peek at what's in store for you if you receive my project...

What could it be??  Patience, friends. ;)

Jul 11, 2016

Sketchbook Project - Week 27

This week could be described in so many ways: exciting, productive, busy, a tad stressful, full of energy, but mostly so, SO good!  I just returned from a quick trip to San Diego for an amazing collaboration (more on that later), and I'm feeling re-energized in the BEST way.  Things are happening around here!

For now, let me tell you a bit about my sketches this week.  The mushroom is an actual specimen that I found back on the farm.  It's an amanita called the Blusher. I painted it in acrylics, then decided to change it up a bit with ink for the surrounding plantlings (yes, I just made this word up).  The stained glass windows are based on a photo that I took a year ago--it's the old capital building in Baton Rouge.  I've been wanting to paint it for so long! Wednesday was National Kissing Day, and this is based off my lipstick print. The four rectangles are gradients of color that I saw in the sky that day.  Flying to California at sunrise was the greatest inspiration for this.  The succulent leaves and cacti scene on the last page were also inspired by the San Diego trip.  The triangles were a quick entry and a chance to use a color I was in the mood use.

Acrylic Paint and Micron Pen
Colored Pencil
Left: Watercolor               Right: Micron Pen and Colored Pencil
Micron Pen and Colored Pencil

Have a great week!

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Jul 4, 2016

Sketchbook Project - Week 26

Week TWENTY-SIX, you guys!  The project has been ongoing for half a year now.  I've never been so consistent with another project, and frankly, I'm pleasantly surprised that I've completed six months of daily sketches.  I can't wait to reflect on this project when the year is over. 

This week's first spread started out with a particular vision that I could not execute with the pens that I chose, so I painted over it with acrylics.  I'm still not thrilled with the result, but there's a point when I just have to stop. Some days I spend hours working on these sketchbook pages, and some days I don't.  Part of me wonders why I dedicate so much time on a piece that will be closed up in a book.  But the other part of me knows exactly why.  Because it feels good to create.  And it feels good to look back on the pages and be damn proud of the art inside and the growth that is evident.

If you've considered doing a daily or weekly creative project, I REALLY encourage you to do so.  I guarantee you will thank yourself.

I hope you enjoy these pages.

Acrylic Paint
Watercolor & Micron Pen

Left: Watercolor                          Right: Colored Pencils


Acrylic Paint
 Thanks for keeping up with the project!

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