Feb 23, 2013

52 Weeks of Felting - Week 8

Happy Weekend everyone!!  This week's project is a cupcake!  Except, I couldn't stop at just one.  There are so many flavors colors to choose from, so I had to make a lot of different options...

I made one of these last week for a coworker's birthday, and it was a big hit.  Also, this was not my original idea.  Remember a few weeks ago when I said if I use your idea for my 52 Weeks project, you'd get a free one?  Well, my friend Mari is now the proud owner of a new cupcake--after she picks her flavors colors, of course.

These were so much fun!  You can purchase one here in my shop, and they will be 25% off until next Saturday!

I'm thinking about making some more food items....what do you think?


  1. What a sweet idea idea! How long does it take you to make them?

  2. these are the cutest things ever!!

  3. They look very sweet) I would like to try )))