Apr 25, 2013

Fur, Feathers, & Scales : Dove

Hi guys! Meet Dolly the dove!

So, I have a confession.  It wasn't until I took an ornithology class in college that I realized that birds are amazing creatures.  They have such incredible adaptations!

Their beak shape corresponds with the foods they eat. They have no teeth, so some birds eat small rocks or other gritty things to help crush their food. Dolly here eats small seeds and grains, vegetation and small insects.

Doves and pigeons spend a lot of time walking on the ground, so they have large feet with wide-spreading toes to help them balance.  Birds in general also have scaly feet, which really aren't that pretty up-close...

This particular dove is pretty awesome.  She will sit on my hand, preen herself and coo.  Doves make the most pleasant noises.

If you like birds too, I highly recommend the book, Birdology.  It's a very fun and informative read.

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  1. Adding that book to my reading list :) Such pretty pictures of a lovely birdie!