May 25, 2013

52 Weeks of Felting - Week 21

Happy Weekend folks! If you've seen some of my pottery or ceramic jewelry (like this one), you've probably seen some of the feathers that I hand carve into the clay.  Well, I thought I'd try my hand at felting a feather. 

The pictures I've taken don't really do this piece justice, but I ran out of time.  The blue jay feather that I've felted is on a pretty mint background that really does look prettier in person. 

This weekend we're going back to our hometown to celebrate a family member's high school graduation, which means we'll be back at our old school.  It always feels weird visiting an old school, don't you think? 

What are your plans for the long weekend?


  1. This is so pretty!

    We are doing demolition on our kitchen this weekend. Hope you have fun visiting the old stomping grounds :)