Nov 5, 2013

Front Door Face Lift

I've really been wanting to paint my front door.  The inside of my house is full of bright colors, but the outside is just a light blueish gray with white brick and trim.  We have lots of landscaping and flowers, but it needed some more color.  So I bought some purple paint! 

The before shot leaves a lot to be desired for a front door.  Pfff. White. Who needs that? Not me, I say.

I gathered some painting supplies: roller, small brush, paint tray, sandpaper, towels.  I gave the door a quick rub down with the sand paper and then made sure it was squeaky clean.  The worst part about painting anything is taping.  I hate taping.  But I did it anyway, like a good little painter.

 This is what one coat looks like.  Terrifying, right?

Two coats on the door looks a touch better, but not much.

Woohoo! Three coats! It finally looks good! 
(Like my doormat?  You can make your own with my DIY found here.  I did give it a little bit of a touch up this weekend.  The coir material was finally starting to wear out. You know, because we step on it and stuff.)

Here's the before and after shot together.  LOVE!

Is your front door a crazy color too?