Jun 17, 2014

Do You Recognize These Flowers? (You could win!)

Do you fancy gardening? Lately our garden has been very inspiring to me.  I've started a nature journal (more on that later), and all the pretty plants in my yard are just begging to be drawn, painted or photographed. 

I thought we could play a game with some of my photos!  These are all flowers of foods or herbs found in my garden.  See how many you can get correct!  Post your answer in the comments below, and I'll share the answers in a week or so. I'll randomly pick a winner from all the entries, and I'll send the winner something from my shop!  (You don't have to get them all correct to win.)

Good luck!

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  1. The only one I think I know is 5: chive. I'll guess on 6: bean? The rest.... No idea! But what a fun idea for a post :)

  2. 1 is strawberry and 5 is chive. I'm not sure about the others. My mom would know.


  3. fun! 1. strawberry 2. kale? 3. potato? 4. raspberry? 5. chive 6. bean

  4. I think 1 is strawberry, no idea on 2, 3 looks like potato, 4 - no idea, 5 is chive, 6 I'll say peas since they look like sweet pea blossoms.

  5. strawberry, bean, squash, chive, pea