Aug 2, 2014

52 Weeks of Felt Paintings - Week 31

Happy Saturday!

At first I felted just the fox on this hoop.  But it was missing something.  Of course, it was after I put away all my supplies and was crawling into bed when I realized the fox looked like something was landing on his head.  It was the first thing I worked on the next morning. So now, he has a tiny bird attacking him.  Silly, right? But it's definitely cute!

This hoop took a long time to make!  That tiny bird was crazy difficult.  I might have a hard time offering it for sale tomorrow at the Strawberry Swing. I'm still debating.

I've been staying up way past my bed time for the past 10 days or so trying to bulk up inventory and keeping up with orders.  I've had so many custom orders lately in my shop, from pet portraits to people portraits to party decor--I love it!  Thank you all for supporting me,  whether it's by purchasing my felt goods, or reading my blog, or following me on instagram---Thank you!!

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