Dec 3, 2014

52 Weeks of Felt Paintings - Week 48

Sorry for the late post, friends.  The past two weeks have been the busiest ever for my shop.  In fact, the next three weeks will be just as busy, so expect to see me a little less than normal.  I'll probably only be posting my 52 Weeks of Felt Paintings projects.  Soooo...

I felted a new fox!  I think he's rad.

Last weekend was the Indie Emporium in Tulsa.  We had a GREAT time and sold lots of wool art.  I'll post a few pictures of that soon!

This Friday and Saturday, you'll find me in Fayetteville, Ar at The Little Craft Show.  It's my last show of the season (phew!) but I'm crazy excited about it! Come see us if you're in the area--It's gonna be fabulous!


  1. I think all this is amazing for you- could you have ever thought of this while we were opening presents with Dirty Dancing? You are amazing!

    1. Awe, thanks Holly!! No, I definitely wouldn't have pictured my life like this ten years ago! And now I want to watch Dirty Dancing! :)