Feb 1, 2016

Sketchbook Project - Week 4

I FINISHED A WHOLE MONTH of drawing/painting/sketching something everyday into this sketchbook.  Even though I promised I would be kind to myself if I missed a day, I committed and invested time each day and made it happen.  I've already filled half of this particular sketchbook--at this rate, I'll have five or six finished books by the end of this year.

Just by reviewing this month's work, it's obvious that I have a particular love for flora and fauna. I'm also beginning to see a pattern of using a lot of color. This week I was apparently attracted to warm colors like reds and oranges and pinks.

Japanese Brush Pen and Watercolor
Left: Prismacolor Colored Pencils   Right: Prismacolors/Gouache background

Left: Black Gelly Roll Pen/Prismacolors   Right: Crayola Markers/White Gelly Roll Pen

I have a couple favorites from this month, but I won't tell.  Do you have any favorites yet? 

(You can read about previous weeks here.)   


  1. Hi, I loved your new sketchbook project and it has inspired me to start one too. Thanks for sharing! :D

  2. Hola, te escribo desde Chile admiro tu trabajo son increíbles tus creaciones, día a día veo las fotos que subes a instagram mis favoritas son tus imágenes de animales, demasiado realistas... son adorables!!!
    Me inspiré con tus fotos y empecé a pintar nuevamente. Te felicito por tu arte y compartirlo!!!