Apr 4, 2016

Sketchbook Project: Week 13

I found it very hard to nail down inspiration AND time to complete these pages.  On top of that, I could NOT find my watercolor palette for a couple days.  I was convinced someone was playing a joke on me, but I eventually found it hidden in a locker underneath another sketchbook.  Because I felt so hard-pressed for time, I only have one two-page spread this week.  No big deal, though--If you remember, I have no rules about quantity. 

Sometimes when I start a page I have absolutely no plans for it, and it will end up going in a very unexpected direction.  For example, the last page this week took on a last minute "Alice in Wonderland" vibe.  I think it might be my favorite out of this set.

I've been busy with details of the felting workshop tour, packing kits for the workshops, finishing portrait orders and planning some VERY exciting things that I will share later.

But for now, I hope you enjoy these pages!
Left: Crayola Marker, Gelly Roll Pen     Right: Micron Pen, Watercolor

Left: Watercolor, Salt, Gelly Roll Pen    Right: Mechanical Pencil, Prismacolor Colored Pencils

Left & Right: Watercolor, Prismacolors

See you next week with new filled pages. If you need to catch up, click here.

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