Jun 13, 2016

Sketchbook Project - Week 23

In case you were wondering exactly how many sketchbooks I've finished....it's THREE!  I filled my third sketchbook last night! I've contemplated changing things up with a new kind of sketchbook, but I like the size and simplicity of these Moleskines, so I'm probably going to keep using them for the rest of the year.  And really, it handles all the mediums that I like to use besides Copic markers. 

I get to crack open a fresh book today, and I can truthfully say that I'm excited to make those first marks.  Making a daily habit of this is definitely making me less apprehensive when I see blank pages.  I wonder if I'll feel the same with a larger canvas....

Enjoy the pages this week!

Gelly Roll Pen and Crayola Marker
Colored Pencils
Acrylic Paint
Left: Micron Pen                 Right: Watercolor

Have a great week!
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