Sep 12, 2016

Sketchbook Project - Week 36

I spent so much time this week working on my upcoming online course, it was hard finding creative motivation for sketches. My favorite is the toadstool spread, and this is probably not a surprise to most of you.  All of these toadstools were photographed during a hike at some point or another.  I just scrolled through my camera roll and picked out my favorites.  The page with green watercolor and black and gray marker is what came about as I loosely scribbled in the shadows with a paintbrush.  During the sunset, I put my sketchbook on the ground and tried to capture the shape of the leaf shadows as they gently wiggled in the breeze. I'd like to do this with a much larger piece of paper---I think a larger composition would make more sense.

I only have one more week's worth of pages left before I move onto the next sketchbook, which will be my SIXTH book this year.  Amazing.

So, enjoy these pages!
Micron Pen
Left: Watercolor + Acrylic                             Right: Watercolor + Micron Pen
Watecolor + Marker
Left: Watercolor                               Right: Marker
Find Weeks 1-35 here.

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