Oct 15, 2013

I was on TV!

So last week I was contacted by a producer of a local show called Ozarks Live.  She saw me at our local craft show Cider Days and wanted to know if I was interested in coming on the show to demonstrate how I make my wooly wares.  I got the email in the car, and said in a very excited voice, "Oh NO!" 

I was excited and terrified all in one moment.  Of course I was going to say yes, but I was instantly nervous about it.  But seriously.  I speak to groups of people for a living.  Why oh why would this freak me out so much?  Maybe because it was live...maybe because it was tv....but honestly, now that it's over, I can say there was no need to be so nervous.  It was a piece of cake!  I loved it!  Now we just need to convince them that there needs to be a semi-monthly "Felting with Dani" segment on the show....ha!  :)

Here are some shots taken by my friend, Sarah, before and during the segment.  She was there for support, and I truly appreciated it!
Waiting in the green room and with my set-up.

Waiting to go on air.

Demonstrating how to make a pumpkin.

And here is the actual segment! 

I had so much fun!! And everyone at the station was so nice! Let's do it again!!

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