Oct 1, 2013

Mini Maker Faire in Tulsa

So last Saturday, I attended the first Mini Maker Faire in Tulsa as a vendor.  If you've never heard about Maker Faires, their slated as "The Greatest Show and Tell on Earth."  This was my first show in Oklahoma, so I was really excited to have a new audience for my felted goodies. 

But then the weather forecast came in: rain.  And boy, did it! We arrived in Tulsa right around 9:30 a.m.  We had just enough time to make one unloading trip to our tent site before it started to pour. We finished unloading in the rain, threw a tarp over everything, and eventually got the tent up so we could at least have some shelter (miraculously, we're still smiling).  But by this time we were soaked.  My jeans were wet for hours! At least I had the forethought to grab my wellies!

The rain kept coming, but eventually it did lighten, so we began to set up displays around noon.  Part of my tent included a felt painting that anyone and everyone could contribute to!  I prepared a canvas with the beginnings of a flower garden so Maker Faire attendees could add their own flower.  I had SO MUCH FUN teaching others about needle felting and showing them how to do it.  I really had fun letting curious kiddos add to the painting, too!  By the end of the day, we added twenty flowers!  My plan for this painting is to add a few more flowers and hang it up in my studio.  I mean, what a fun souvenir, right?!

There were so many cool exhibitors that stuck it out and braved the rain.  There were 3D printers, robots, beer brewers, wood carvers, instrument makers, a buffalo fiber spinner, laser artists, and SO many more.  It was a really cool place to geek out over lots of different things!

Oh, and there were mini donuts...

Eventually the sun came out (before it set), and we had a wonderful evening.  The organizers and volunteers of the Maker Faire were outstanding.  Seriously.  I had a great time, and I'd do again next year!

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  1. Dani was the highlight of many faire goers day. I was talking with someone helping out another vendor & during our conversation he opened up a bag & proudly displayed the new pin cushion he'd just purchased for his wife. Maybe next year we can all collaborate on the world's larets felted wool painting!