Dec 26, 2013

Good Morning and Thank You

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday! We enjoyed a short trip back home to the in-laws' in Arkansas. 

I know I've been pretty absent around here lately, but that's because you guys are keeping my shop so incredibly busy, and for that I thank you.  I've been staying up until midnight and 1 a.m. nearly everynight since November working on orders. The crazy holiday shopping season is keeping me busy beyond Christmas--I *still* have orders to fill.  And if you are one of those people waiting on something wooly from me, don't worry, I'll pick the needles back up today.

Last night, we drove back into an incredibly hazy Springfield, and today, we woke up to a beautiful, frosty morning. 

Just thought I'd share these with you.

P.S. I've got some blog posts to catch you up on.  So, I'll be back sooner rather than later.

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