Dec 31, 2013

I resolve to...

I'm making a resolution for 2014. I'm changing the way I approach life situations. I have a tendency to catastrophize things.  I fixate on the worst things that could happen.  This is really easy for me to do as an introvert who does not like to express my thoughts to many people. But what good is that?  It's completely irrational, and it just adds unnecessary stress and worry to my life, and I'm done with that.

So this year, I resolve to...

I will be brave.

     I will take chances.

     I will reach out.

     I will experience more.

     I will say yes.

     I will make a difference.

     I will have adventures.

Bring it 2014. 


  1. i love this. that picture is perfect. my word for this year is brave. no more fear dictating my thoughts and actions. only love.=)

  2. I love this outfit, your theme, and this cute blog! :)