Feb 12, 2014

How to Repair a Sweater - DIY

Did you know needle felting can be functional as well as decorative?  Today I'll show you how to repair a small hole or tear in a sweater.  You'll need your choice color of wool roving, felting needles, felting foam, and your poor sweater.

Here's my poor sweater: 

I put a bright piece of felt under the tear so you could see what I needed to repair.

You can do any shape/design.  I chose to do a heart.  Before I placed the foam under the tear, I wanted to mark where the points of the heart should be in relation to the rest of the sweater--I didn't want it to be crooked.  I used a chalk pencil.

Place your foam inside your sweater.

Start felting the wool into your sweater around the tear.

Fill in the tear with the wool and form your shape.

Fill in the shape, and try to keep a uniform surface in the wool.  You don't want one part of the shape to be more raised than the rest or even lumpy.

The tear is fixed!

This is what it looks like on the inside.  It's really fuzzy!

I added a smaller heart for aesthetics. 

After you're done needle felting, you'll want to iron your design--without steam.  Iron from the inside of the sweater...

 ...and then iron the outside.


You'll want to be mindful of your sweater care after you add the wool shape/design.  Don't throw it in the dryer, because the wool will likely shrink and get all wonky, and wash in cold water only.

Of course, you don't have to just cover a tear....go crazy with your designs! Needle felt all the sweaters!!

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