Feb 13, 2014

This Stitch Fix thing is Addicting

For real.  When I get the email that says "Your fix has shipped!"I turn into a FedEx stalker.  This was my third Fix.  (Check out my first and second fixes, too.)

So, what did I get?  In my Fix, there was a dress, a jacket, a purse, an over-sized cardigan, and a blouse.

The cardigan was an instant winner.  I've been pinning over-sized cardigans and tribal prints like crazy, so this was love at first sight.  It's a great fit.  After I unpacked my box and tried every thing else on, I wore this the rest of the evening...and then the next day. (Obviously, I kept this one.)

This elephant blouse was a hit and a miss.  I like the print, but I'm not crazy about the colors.  I like the style, and the sewing details of the shirt, but it fit my strangely across the chest.  Bummer. (Returned.)

The same thing happened with this dress.  I like the style and color, love the pleats and fit and flare shape, but it was too tight across the chest.  I need a bit of give/room up top.  Oh well.  (Returned.)

I was surprised to find a purse in my fix! I didn't know that was an option.  I don't own any black purses, because I'm not really a fan. I also did not like the amount of gold on this purse.  The flap/fold-over style is really neat, and I love a cross-body bag.  But, this just wasn't my thing. (Returned.)

This jacket really made me think about my wardrobe.  It has a vintage vibe for sure--love that.  But boucle with lurex detail? Could I pull that off?  I love the cropped style and asymmetrical zipper. This was the most expensive piece in my fix, and I didn't want to pay for something that wasn't thrilling me. I tried it on with a few things until I finally found and outfit that made me know I would wear it. Actually, I can't wait to wear it now! (Kept!)

 A few of you have used my referral link, and I am so grateful for that! Thank you so much!! (Each referral earns me a credit so I can continue this addiction.)

If you do try Stitch Fix, I want hear about your experience--so let me know!

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