Mar 5, 2014

I'm a bull.

I'm a horoscope kind of girl.  They're just fun.  Maybe horoscopes are your thing too, or maybe they're not.  Though, I feel like they're written to be applicable to a host of situations, sometimes they seem "true" and sometimes they're way off.  I consider them to be good entertainment.  I'm loving these gals lately.

I do feel like my zodiac sign fits me pretty well.  I'm a Taurus.  A bull.  I'm stubborn and not a fan of change unless it's absolutely necessary. I'm also emotionally cool and detached, and typically don't express myself well in that way. To others, I may sometimes seem aloof and as if I don't care--bitchy even.  My Taurus response to this is "meh, oh well." 

I'm loyal and dependable, practical and planning, and not too excitable (which can be positive or negative.) I worry about embarrassing myself, but often realize that those concerns are unnecessary or at least short-lived.

It's funny what we learn about ourselves during and after new and trying situations.  But, really, the most important thing is that we DO learn.  And as a Taurus, I value knowledge terribly. So I will strive and reach until it doesn't matter any more. 

P.S.  It will always matter.

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