Mar 4, 2014

St. Patty's Day Brooch DIY

If you need to avoid pinches this St. Patrick's Day, this is an easy needle felting diy for you!

You'll need a few supplies: felting foam and needle, wool, sheet felt, scissors, pin back, glue gun, embroidery floss and needle for embellishments.

I freehand needle felted  a shamrock shape onto my sheet felt.  You can always draw yours first with some chalk if you need to.

It might be a bit fuzzy on the back.  That's okay--we'll trim and cover it up later.

Decide what shape you want your brooch to be.  I wanted a scalloped look, so I started with a circle and then cut out my design.

I then added a bit of embroidery detail to the felt.

My brooch needed a little something more, so I felted some dots into the edge. At this point I trimmed the fuzz on the back.

My brooch needed a little something more, so I added some felted dots to the edge. I trimmed the fuzz on the back at this point.

I cut another piece of felt to glue to the backside, then I glued the pin back onto the brooch.  Be mindful of the direction of your pin back as you attach it.

All done!

Here's a few other ideas for you. The possibilities are endless.  Each of these brooches took me twenty minutes tops--easy peasy!!

Let me know if you make something like this! I'd love to see it!

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