Apr 21, 2014

An Update on our Front Yard Garden

My husband loves to garden, and I love to eat what he grows.  I help a little too, but really he does most of the work.  We have some raised beds in our back yard, but over the last five years, our giant maple tree has grown and shaded that area.  Since we bought our house, we've constantly been landscaping.  And since our front yard is mostly full sun, it's ideal for vegetable gardening.  Actually, I've posted a little bit about our front yard gardening here.

So here's a peek at what our front yard will look like this year.  I can't wait until the peak of summer, when all the plants--flowers and food--are bursting with colors and yummy stuff to eat!

Brandon was on the roof cleaning out our gutters and snapped some pics of the front yard from above.

Turns out our mailman is a little confused right now about where to walk, since our mailbox is on our house. Sorry Mr. Mailman. We'll get it all sorted out soon.

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