Apr 28, 2014

So I had a Birthday Yesterday...

...aaaaand now I'm 30.  Yup.  Thirty seemed so old even five years ago.  But, really, I'm thankful to be thirty.  It's certainly better than the alternative of never reaching thirty.  As I get older, I find it easier to settle into who I am and the life I have. And, I don't really mean "accept" when I say "settle."  Mostly, I mean that it's easy to be myself.  And it's wonderful.

My birthday weekend was great, too.  Our Friday and Saturday evenings were spent on the deck with my favorite person, my favorite beer and new art supplies.  Over the weekend, we went for a little hike with the pups, enjoyed a yummy bagel from my new fave bagel place in town, and spent as much time as we could outside.

Oh, and there were cupcakes. Happy Birthday to me!