Sep 27, 2014

52 Weeks of Felt Paintings - Week 39

This was my first reptile hoop (finished before the turtle last week).  I like this one so much. Somebody else really liked it too, because this one sold last weekend at Cider Days.

I think the next reptile hoop needs to be a T-Rex...yes?  I actually was looking for a T-Rex picture to use for reference a couple weeks ago, and I found that I wasn't satisfied with the quality of photos I was finding.  Then I had a moment....duh, Dani.  Photos of dinosaurs don't exist.  All of the images you're finding are artist renderings.


So,  if you find a good reference image of a t-rex, something that you think might make a good needle felted hoop, send it my way, will ya? 

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