Sep 23, 2014

Cider Days in Springfield

Last weekend was a unique, annual event here in Springfield, Missouri called Cider Days.  Each year, a cute, historic downtown street is blocked off and filled with art, craft and food vendors. It's so much fun, and this year was my second year there with Good Natured. We had wonderful weather and great crowds! Folks bring out their entire families and even their pets! We saw so many dogs, a few cats in slings, a ball python, a rat, and even a hamster in a bowl--what??

I took a few booth photos, but we forgot to take photos of our crowded booth and how busy we were---uh, because we were so busy!


I was able to start a list of people interested in classes or workshops, so if you're local and you want to be on the contact list for that, let me know!

Oh, and I won an award! The jury gave me the Outstanding Local Artist award!! I am so honored to have been chosen out of all the artists and crafters, and I've been on a high ever since! (This giant sign is now hanging on my refrigerator at home, by the way.)

One more photo to share.  There were grasshoppers everywhere.  This one decided to rest on a tulip.  Meh. I don't mind.

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  1. congrats! we've got grasshoppers all over here in south jersey too!