Oct 30, 2014

Altered Thrift Store Art -- You Should Try This!

A while back, my husband and I met a couple friends at a local coffee shop for an art project.  Before this meeting, we would each bring our own separate projects and mediums and have a fun time chatting, drinking coffee and creating.  But this time, we were all working on the same type of project: altered art.  For months we had been scouring local thrift shops for paintings that were inexpensive and would lend themselves to be interesting and easy-to-work-with scenes for fun painted additions.

I found this magical paint-by-number at my favorite shop.  When I spotted it, I instantly knew that this horse had to be a unicorn.
Here's the before:

I added a horn, and made his mane and tail fuller and more flowing with some metallic paint, too. He also needed some woodland friends.  So I added a couple tiny gnomes and a fox peeking from behind a tree.
Here's the after: 

 I love this painting so much--it's now hanging in my kitchen.

My husband and our two friends did these paintings.  My husband altered the painting on the left with the octopus and weird eye creature.  Our friend Lisl added the minion building a snow minion--so clever! The water creature on the right, by our friend Craig,  isn't completed yet, but it's so good!  I can't wait to see it when it's done.

This was so fun--you should definitely try it. It's a quick project (since you're not painting an entire picture), and you get to be so creative!

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