Oct 7, 2014

My Latest (and final) Stitch Fix: Why I'm Quitting

Many of you have heard of Stitch Fix, or maybe you even participate.  I recently received my ninth box. Usually, I review my boxes on my blog, and share photos of the pieces that I get. But I stopped at box number five.  I'll explain:

My first fix came in December of last year.  I was a great experience--I kept two pieces. I left my review of the clothes, and felt like my opinion of the pieces were heard and understood.  My second fix was even better.  My stylist that month was right on with my wants and style, and I kept every piece.  And then, with my third, fourth, and fifth boxes, I found more pieces to love and keep.  Of course, with each box, you can leave comments on each garment and the shipment overall, which I did.  I was very specific with what I knew would work for me, what wouldn't work, and what I liked.

Then boxes six, seven, and eight happened.  I was so disappointed with these boxes, I didn't even bother photographing them.  I got pieces of clothing that I never should have gotten, if my stylist that month had bothered to really pay attention to my previous feedback and profile information.  I had to reach out to their customer service and complain. I had to specifically request that they read my previous feedback and look at my Pinterest board that I provided them.  I would have stopped receiving fixes sooner than boxes seven, eight and nine, but my amazing husband got me a gift certificate for my birthday in April.  So, I was trying to find new clothes to love, but because I got nothing in shipments six and seven that worked, I was just wasting the gift certificate.  To their credit, when I shared my concerns and complaints with their customer service, Stitch Fix did credit me one $20 box fee, so technically, box eight was sent to me free of charge.  With box eight, I kept one pair of shorts, but I still had a credit, so I signed up for box nine.

This is what I got in my ninth and final shipment: 

We'll start with the one thing that I kept. This is a Pink Martini Augustina Lace Back Open Cardigan.  Though I have lots of clothes in blue, I love the lace on the back, and I'm really liking long cardigans right now.  This falls to my upper thighs. 

The next four pieces I did not keep.  This one is the Collective Concepts Galen Floral Print Tie Waist Dress. I wanted to keep it, because I really like the pattern and colors, but it just did not work with my bust.

The tank below was also another piece that I wanted to keep, but the fabric had absolutely no stretch, and again my larger bust would just not play nicely.  This top is a Renee C Amy Graphic Print V-Neck Blouse.

The Loveappella Leanne Abstract Print Swing Skirt came in pretty colors, but the cut was terribly unflattering on me.  Also, at $58, it was way too expensive for a not-so-impressive piece.

This last blouse was really the last straw for me.  This is Kut From the Kloth Becca Lace Detail Floral Print Blouse.  Yes, I did ask for colorful florals, and this definitely fits the bill.  I also love the lace detail on the back.  BUT, I have (so many times) told them that I just can't wear button-down tops.  I even simply stated in my style profile to not send me any--they just don't work for my body and never have.  And here's one in my shipment. Bummer.

Here's what I feel like happened.  As their company grew, my styling experience became much less personal.  In the first months that I participated, I feel like I had a good connection with my stylists (which were always different people every month.) But as my shipments started to not mesh with my wants and style, I feel like I was lost in their sea of clients.  I mean, good for them for growing so quickly and providing such a neat service to women all over the country.  But, maybe there are a few lessons to be learned about creating an intimate experience on a person by person basis for a company that's still building itself, especially when that's what they advertise--a personal service.

Regardless of how I felt about my last fixes, I can say that having participated in Stitch Fix has taught me how to shop for clothes--or at least how to shop differently.   I can walk into a shop now and look at pieces in a completely new light.  I will try on pieces that I never thought would work before I tried Stitch Fix. I now know that shift dresses work amazingly for me and that a garment may look unappealing on a hanger but may fit like a dream.  And, thanks to Stitch Fix, I do have some great pieces that I will love for years.  So, take my opinions as you will, and good luck to any of you Stitch Fix-ers out there!


  1. I feel the same way about SF! I think I am done -- for the price, I'm not getting the kind of personalized service I loved from my first few boxes.

    1. Bummer! I'm sorry to hear that you're not loving your fixes, but I am glad to know that it's not just me. They did reach out to me and offer a credit for one more fix (and one more chance for them to make things right), but I declined.

  2. I agree. And I'm only on box 3. And they sent me the Augustina cardigan as well. I don't know that I'll continue. I think the business model is set up for this feeling to happen. I feel like I get better service at local brick and mortar shops.

    1. At least after having tried the service I feel like I'm better at shopping for myself. Do you feel the same way?

  3. I completely agree, I kept nothing in my last fix and felt like everything was "not me" at all. I too feel like they grew too fast and it is not personal anymore. Disappointing!