Mar 28, 2016

Sketchbook Project - Week 12

This week I reached the halfway point of my second sketchbook.  But, I wasn't able to keep up with my goal of sketching every morning (rather than the evenings).  I finished morning drawings only three days this week.  But, hey, it's a start.  I'll try again this week!

I experienced another "first" in this week's set of drawings.  I was so unhappy with one sketch, that I completely covered it with something else.  I started with a partial monarch wing in colored pencil, but the markings were off, and I couldn't adjust it enough to be pleased with it.  So I broke out the black paint and covered it up. I still wanted to add something to the book that made me happy, so I painted a watercolor leaf and glued it in.  Problem solved, haha!

Because this project has gained so much traction, I've decided to start up a separate little group for us all to stay inspired and encourage each other to keep creating.  Right now, you can follow along on instagram at @FillYourSketchbook.  I've also set up a site at, where you can join the mailing list if you'd like!

I hope you enjoy the following pages. 
Have a look at previous drawings here.

Watercolor and Micron Pen


Mechanical Pencil and Watercolor
Left: Crayola Markers      Right: Watercolor, Japanese brush Pen, Gelly Roll Pen
Left: Gouache background, Watercolor on paper glued into book     Right: Watercolor

See you next week!

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