May 16, 2016

Sketchbook Project - Week 19

I'm not going to lie--this week I struggled to come up with ideas for these sketchbook pages.  I do have a trick to help me overcome this.  I like to keep a folder on my phone, where I tuck away photos that I take throughout the week and screenshots of beautiful images and artwork that I find on social media.  If I need some inspiration, I'll flip through the folder and see if anything catches my eye. 

Four pages this week were farm and home inspired.  It was very rainy earlier this week, so I painted rain clouds on Sunday.  The blanket, strawberry and bobwhite quail are also farm/home inspired.  The other pages are me playing with techniques and mediums.  Do you have a favorite?
Left: Watercolor    Right: Crayola Markers
Left: Colored Pencil     Right: Watercolor & Acrylics
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Have a great day!

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