May 30, 2016

Sketchbook Project - Week 21

Hey pals.  Judging by my sketchbook this week, it appears that I am still very much into pattern making and repetition.  Apparently with a bit of obscurity.  I'm referring to the page with the baby birds.  We saw five chicks in a bird house this week, and they're so strange looking.  I wanted to capture a bit of their weirdness, and somehow it turned into this silly pattern.  My other pattern pages, like the geometric at the end and the rose petals were very satisfying.  I really enjoyed painting the rose petals, and I might recreate that as a separate piece and invest a little more time into it.

The tomato and glass of tea were more explorations in acrylics.  Once I'm caught up with pet portraits (this week hopefully), I hope to fill a few clayboard canvases with some acrylic paint.  They will very likely be food and plant based.  I've got killer photo references of blueberry plants from the farm that would make the best piece.

The girl with the earring was originally going to be painted.  I wanted to recreate the metallic look of gold that you see in paintings in her earring.  But I kept sketching and shading in pencil and then chickened out about adding color.  Baby steps.  Each time I draw something human related I grow a tiny bit more comfortable with the figure.  One day.

The second from the last spread, with the four big stripes of color, were a fun concept.  I chose four plants from the garden that had beautiful contrasting colors and recreated their vibrancy with watercolor.  From top to bottom, I referred to a kale flowers, a marigold, swiss chard, and a purple wildflower. I like the way these pages came out, and I look forward to expanding more on this color concept.

Thanks as always for reading.  See previous pages here.
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Acrylic Paint
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Have a great week!

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