Jul 18, 2016

Sketchbook Project - Week 28

It's a good feeling to walk away from a week of sketches and feel satisfied with them as small body of work.  I carried the illustrative look from last week's cactus and chair sketch into the hydrangea page this week, but I used watercolor rather than colored pencil.  I like the affect it achieved.  I also had my very first week of figure drawing class here in Fayetteville, AR, so I replicated one of my graphite drawings into my sketchbook.  I've never done figure drawing before, and I was anxious to see how I would like it.  Even though it was just a two hour class, I feel like I learned so much and left very excited to come back for the next class. 

I experimented with watercolors on the blue and then the green and pink page (which was inspired by the prettiest bromeliad plant that I just added to our home.) And true to my sketches, I added not one but TWO food themed pages.  I don't know what it is, but I just really like to make art of food.  The medium doesn't even matter--I like to make wool paintings of food too!  I kind of had to create an ice cream page since Sunday was National Ice Cream day....right?

Anyway....have a look and enjoy the sketches!
Watercolor and Gelly Roll Pen
Mechanical Pencil
Left & Right:  Watercolor
Acrylic Paints
Gelly Roll Pen & Watercolor

Have a great week, pals!
(Weeks 1-27)

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