Jul 4, 2016

Sketchbook Project - Week 26

Week TWENTY-SIX, you guys!  The project has been ongoing for half a year now.  I've never been so consistent with another project, and frankly, I'm pleasantly surprised that I've completed six months of daily sketches.  I can't wait to reflect on this project when the year is over. 

This week's first spread started out with a particular vision that I could not execute with the pens that I chose, so I painted over it with acrylics.  I'm still not thrilled with the result, but there's a point when I just have to stop. Some days I spend hours working on these sketchbook pages, and some days I don't.  Part of me wonders why I dedicate so much time on a piece that will be closed up in a book.  But the other part of me knows exactly why.  Because it feels good to create.  And it feels good to look back on the pages and be damn proud of the art inside and the growth that is evident.

If you've considered doing a daily or weekly creative project, I REALLY encourage you to do so.  I guarantee you will thank yourself.

I hope you enjoy these pages.

Acrylic Paint
Watercolor & Micron Pen

Left: Watercolor                          Right: Colored Pencils


Acrylic Paint
 Thanks for keeping up with the project!

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