Jan 5, 2013

52 Weeks of Felting - Week 1

I have decided to make a commitment to my shop.  I was looking for a resolution ambition something purposeful.  Then I saw this artist's post about doing an illustration each week for her shop. The problem, though, is that I'm not very good at keeping long term project commitments.  A fifty-two week project, for me, is waaaay more doable than anything 365. I'm pretty sure a daily project will never happen. So, for now, this project will help me flex my responsibility muscle, and is really a good plan for me so that I keep brainstorming and sketching.  But, I know I need to do a couple things to keep myself accountable: 1) I have to tell someone--that's you guys!  2) I have to organize and keep my ideas for new creations in one place.  So, I found and old notebook and jazzed up the cover with washi tape... 

I will sketch all my ideas here.  Each week, I will pick a sketch and felt something new.  For Week 1, I made my own version of a puffer fish.


 And here is the finished, wooly product!

As each week's creation is finished, I'll post it in my shop, and it will be 25% off until the next week's creation is revealed.

Hopefully, this project will help me hone my skills and grow as a felter.
Time to sketch for next week!  Any requests?


  1. Cute! What a great idea!

    Hm, you've already made an Inga.... Maybe a baby seal? A sloth? :)

  2. I love your puffer fish! I have been wanting to do a 52 project. The closest I ever came to every day was blogging every day for the month of November...that was really tough, so I know a 365 project is way too ambitious for me. But I think I should try to do a 52 project. You are inspiring me. :)

    1. An everyday project would be sooo tough, even for just one month--so congrats on that! :) 52 weeks seems more attainable, for sure--I hope you try it!