Jan 15, 2013

Locker Restyle: Home Storage

My husband and I have always liked the look and potential functional use of lockers in home decor.  I mentioned in this post that we have been redecorating our living room, and using lockers was a unique storage solution for us. 

I was tired of dusting books and vases and pottery and knick-knacky things.  I wanted something that could actually be used for storage, but keep items accessible--to make things look a little more put together. 

So we found these blue lockers at a local surplus store.  Perfect!  

Brandon added some simple shelves so we could maximize the locker space.  You'll notice that a shelf was not added to one locker--this one will be used for guest coats and purses.   In the other spaces, we have our most used gardening/cookbook/travel books, photo albums, candles and blankets. 

 I love organizing things and coming up with new storage solutions.  What are your favorite organization or storage solutions?


  1. I have an old school locker that I use in my basement for misc. exercise equipment…I've always loved it! What a cool idea to use it in your living space, I love the way the books look in them.

  2. What an innovative and extremely functional idea! However, my greatest concern would be the factor of rust. I think storage lockers made of metal rust ever so easily due to the cheap metal that they are often made up of. Can this problem be avoided if they are varnished or polished over? Nevertheless, I am loving this idea which is creative and provides extra storage at the same time.