Jan 26, 2014

52 Weeks of Felt Paintings - Week 4

I really enjoyed making this felt painting (and different versions of it) last year, and it seemed to be a really popular one at shows.  So, I thought I'd try a different color scheme.  And this one is much larger.  My husband made me some felt painting canvases, and they're huge!  Well, you know, bigger than my normal felt paintings. 


This one took about 4.5 hours from start to finish, because it is bigger, but also because I spent a lot of time blending  and layering colors.  There are five different blues in the sky.  It might be hard to tell in the photos, but there is a bit of green layered on top of the black tree silhouettes, too.  Oh and all of the little stars are individually torn from a big chunk of wool and rolled into tiny balls.

I've been debating about putting these paintings in my shop.  I really should be keeping them for craft and art shows, which start in the Spring.  So, for now, unless I make a few extras, I'll probably just keep them out of the shop.  But that doesn't mean I can make one as a special order--so if you see one you like, just let me know!

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