Jan 24, 2014

Remember that tattoo I mentioned a year ago...?

Remember this post about a tattoo? Well, I thought I'd share the latest with you.  I've been planning this tattoo for well over a year.  I've been thinking about it, letting the idea stew like one probably should before permanently inking your body, and I'm still completely in love with my idea.  Last November, I started my search for an artist.  I visited a friend's tattoo artist at a local shop.  He did great work for her, so I thought I'd see what he could do for me.  We exchanged some emails, and right off the bat he gave me a price that was "half off".  I don't know why, really, but that gave me a bad vibe.  Later on that week, I stopped in the shop to talk with him in person and show him my ideas.  My experience at this point was a little strange.  My husband and I walked in, and there were two kids, like nine year-old kids, sitting behind the desk. I paused and looked around.

Nine year-old- "Can I help you?"
Me, a perplexed look on my face-"Um. I'm here to talk to so-in-so."
Nine year-old who at this point couldn't be bothered and resumes her coloring (I don't really remember if she was coloring, but she was doing some sort of pencil-to-paper work.)-"He's over there doing a tattoo."
Nine year-old-"You can go over there."
Me-"Oh. Okay."

So, my first impression of this particular shop was so unprofessional.  Not good.  So I walked over to the studio area, not exactly sure where to stand, because he's clearly busy.  He greeted me and was super nice, but it felt awkward interrupting his work on someone else.  Plus, the studio seemed cluttered and a little disorganized to my tattoo virgin eyes. It was just weird.  But I was there, so I talked to him about my idea, left him some pictures, and he said he'd get back to me with a drawing. And he did. And it was great.  But my gut feeling was to keep looking. 

So, two months later, after the holiday rush in my shop, and after a lot of internet searching and portfolio browsing, I contacted a different shop.  Their work is stunning! I pretty much already knew that this is where I'd get my tattoo. I stopped by one afternoon to let them know what I wanted. I talked with one of the artists about the idea, he had some input and advice, which I was a little put off by at first, because his advice meant changing the tattoo a bit. (The more I thought about it later, though, the more I appreciated his input.)  So after our initial chat, it was then my job to pick which artist I wanted to do my tattoo. This is not really what I was expecting, but it makes complete since. (For some reason, I was hoping that they would tell me which of them would be best suited for my idea. But like true artists, they each have their own style, so of course it makes since for me to choose which of their styles fits me best.)  So, after thirty minutes (read: f o r e v e r) of staring at their portfolios, I finally picked Gabe

And honestly, it was this tattoo in Gabe's portfolio that convinced me. (This photo is not me.) And no, I'm not getting butterflies. At least not yet. ;)

I gave him a quick run down of my idea, and he liked it.  Cool.  But here's the kicker.  His waiting list is a year long.  A year!  Oh, I was so disappointed.  After having already pondered this idea for a year, I was ready.  Like put-me-in-the-chair-and-let's-do-this ready.  And, understandably, a deposit is required to secure a place on his list. 

So, we left the shop with plans to think it over. Not even five minutes later on our way home, I had decided that I would go back the next day to put down my deposit.

So now I'm on the list!

For 2015.

Which is still disappointing, but folks, it will be WELL worth the wait.


  1. Wow. A year wait! That's crazy. Although, I guess kind of good. You'll have time to make sure you want that specific tattoo. I always make sure I want mine for at least a year before going to get it done. Can't wait to see!

  2. Man! That's a long time! But it speaks volumes about the art they do :) maybe someone will cancel? ;)

  3. A year is a long time to wait but that's also a good sign too...the artist is in demand and has the work load to prove he's worth the wait! It will be worth it! Plus it gives you more time to start brainstorming the next tattoo ;)