Jan 21, 2014

Felt Heart Tutorial

Hi friends!  If you're a novice needle felter, I've got a fun tutorial for you today!  And it's just in time for you to use it for Valentine's Day!

Let's make some Easy Peasy Felt Hearts!

You'll need some carded wool or wool roving in your chosen color(s), felting needles, and foam to protect your work surface.

The amount of wool you choose will determine the size of your heart.  I tear off a chunk and ball it up to get an idea of the size of the heart that it will make. 

Start with your wool fibers laying somewhat flat.

Fold over one side to make a straight edge.  Do the same to the other side.  Your goal here is to make pretty edges and a point for your heart.

Needle felt the edges that you folded over into the heart.  Make sure the fibers are firmly secured.  The more you poke, the tighter the fibers will become.  Now you should have some pretty edges and a point.

Now we need to make the rounded top of the heart.  Fold over the top to make pretty rounded corners.

Felt it down, and you'll end up with a funny looking triangle.

The last step is to make the little heart humps.  Using the needle, felt the valley of the top of the heart by poking in the same spot in the middle repeatedly.  The more you poke, the deeper the valley.

Give your heart a final once over with your needle, smoothing out any lumps or imperfections.

These are so pretty strung up as a garland, scattered over a table with some flowers, or sitting in a pretty bowl.  Have fun with these, and let me know what you do with yours!!


  1. This is such a cute tutorial! Thanks :D

  2. wow! Thank you so much for the tutorial. I will definitely give these a try.