Jan 16, 2014

Our Travel Wall Update

My husband and I love to travel, and you may remember the post I did a while ago about our travel wall.  We've collected different artworks, prints and maps, some during our travels and some purchased later, and created a gallery wall in our living room.  Back in April 2013, my husband and I went back to Europe and collected pieces from Belgium and France, and then purchased a piece off Etsy to represent the Netherlands.

I finally updated the wall---nine months later.  Sometimes I just take my time...

Anyway, here it is!  We added three new pieces.

1.  This painting was purchased directly from the artist in the Montmartre neighborhood in Paris.  When I decided to buy it, I actually didn't have enough cash on me, and the artist was going to leave soon.  So my husband and I went on a mad dash searching and asking around for an ATM.  For future reference, there are NOT many cash machines in Montmartre. But we made it back in time.  Barely.  Lesson learned.

2.  I saw this piece on Etsy and had to have it for the wall.  Tulips are my favorite flowers, and windmills are so iconic for the Netherlands (that's even where the artist lives!).  Plus, it has felt details sewn onto the canvas.  This Etsy artist has prints for so many different cities--check her out!

3.  Different kinds of lace have originated from Belgium, so I thought a pretty piece of lace would be a perfect addition to our travel wall. This is a piece of handmade lace that we purchased in Brussels from the cutest little old couple.  It took me a while to find just the right one,  but I did, and I love it.

(Kitty apparently cannot be bothered by all this photographing.)

We aren't planning any trips to Europe this year, but we will be going to Florida to celebrate my 30th birthday in the Spring.  We could use some recommendations for places to visit or stay or where to eat.  We'll be driving and town hopping our way down to the Keys.  xoxo

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