Jun 1, 2013

52 Weeks of Felting - Week 22

Happy weekend, friends!  I hope you all are staying safe through all this awful weather. These storms are so common here in the Midwest, but I don't think anyone ever gets used to them. 

I found out yesterday that I have been accepted into an Indie Art Market up in Kansas City.  It's called Strawberry Swing, and I'm so excited about it!  It's on Sunday, July 28 from 10:00-6:00.  Like I said before, it will be my first show away from home. So traveling and set-up will be completely different.  Looks like I'll be doing a mock set-up in my back yard...

So, since I had strawberries on the brain all week (click on my instagram feed on the right), I made a wool strawberry.  And I turned it into a cute, little brooch. 

It took WAY longer than I had anticipated.  All of those little seeds are tiny balls of wool that I pull from the batting, ball up with my fingers and then poke them into the strawberry.  That's tedious work, folks.  I'm still debating about putting these in my shop.  Chances are they will not be listed as a made-to-order item. 

However, I am now working on little owls and fox faces.  Those shouldn't be as tedious.  We'll see.

See you next week!  I'll be posting about Belgium, Part Two soon.


  1. The strawberry is so cute! Hmm, KC is only a couple hours from me. Do I need a road trip that weekend?

  2. Adorable strawberries! Love that you made them into a brooch ♥

  3. So cute! Love all the strawberry photos too :)

  4. I love it! So cute. It looks like a lot of work with all those little seeds.

    1. I wasn't even done with a third of the seeds before I began to second guess my decision to make a strawberry! ;)