Jun 7, 2013

The List - June

Last month felt like it was all about strawberries...

---We gathered (and still are gathering) strawberries from our garden.
---I was accepted into the Strawberry Swing Indie Market.
---I made a strawberry brooch for week 22 of 52 Weeks of Felting.
---Aaand, Tudor the box turtle was caught munching on a strawberry.

I've also been talking about our trip to Europe. (here, here, and here)

In June, I'll be prepping for the Swing and, believe it or not, prepping for the holiday season. 

I'm still working toward that 15k and adding money to my tattoo jar.

At my zoo job, summer camp classes just started.  I teach 2nd to 6th graders, and this summer our topics include pet care, exhibit design, zoo careers, conservation, animal locomotion, and animal languages.  This week was the first week, and I had a blast--though I did lose my voice. Not really ideal for a teacher. We made habitat dioramas and catnip lion toys.

He liked the catnip. :)


  1. I love strawberries, it's so fun you have them in your garden! I'm keeping a close eye on our blueberry bush and hoping we get a bunch (it looks that way now).

    Thanks for linking up!

  2. oh my gosh-- the lion with the catnip! SO funny!! I love it.