Jun 21, 2013

Europe 2013 - France Part 2

Happy Friday! Let's start the weekend early with one last mini-vacation.  Today I'm concluding my Europe 2013 series (1, 2, 34) with France Part 2. 

We left Mont St. Michel still with our rental car and drove around the Loire Valley touring French chateaux. We had a wonderful time.  We visited five different castles in two days and a few other sites as well, including Leonardo Da Vinci's last home in Amboise.  Our favorite chateau was Azay-le-Rideau, but they were each unique and deserved our time for one reason or another.

Interior details


Villandry's gardens were impeccable.

We returned our car during our last night in Amboise and then hopped on a train headed for Paris.  We spent five days and nights in Paris, including my birthday!  (This was no accident!)  We have been to Paris before, but only for a short thirty-six hours.  We visited some of the same sites, and they were just as amazing as before.

Notre Dame Cathedral and the gargoyle's-eye view from the cathedral's towers.

The view from Sacré Cœur's dome and Moulin Rouge.

Cat on the wall of Père Lachaise Cemetery

Is there such thing as too many Eiffel Tower pictures? 

We also took a day trip to the castle of Versailles.  It was crazy busy.  So much so that it was not really an enjoyable visit.  Regardless, we still got some good photos and can now cross it off our to-do list. :)

The famous golden gate and the front of the castle.

Our reflection in Versaille's Hall of Mirrors.  It might be time to dust those mirrors. ;)

Thanks for following along! I hope you have enjoyed these Europe posts.  It's definitely been fun for me to share my love of travelling with you. In a few weeks, I'll share some various travel tips and tricks that I have picked up over the years.


  1. As always, gorgeous pictures! Those castles are incredible! I love Paris when we went, and now I definitely want to go back! John and I actually might try and do a long trip around France- start with bouldering, end with Paris? :) someday....

    1. Oh, man. I really want to explore more of France too! The Normandy region is beautiful---and very relaxed and relaxing. And obviously, you'll have to explore the chateaux! ;)

  2. Oh wow, these pictures are incredible! I've never been to France. Only to Germany but I was so awed at how gorgeous the architecture was there.


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  3. I think your France trip closely resembled Annelyn's trip. But, they added a week-long homestay in the Metz area. I can't wait until she gets home tomorrow.