Jun 6, 2013

Europe 2013 - Belgium - Part 2

So far, we've been to The Netherlands, and we visited two stops in Belgium last week.   This week we're still in Belgium, and we have two more stops: Ghent and Brussels. 

Ghent felt like a small town.  We only spent one night here (in an amazing B&B), but we filled our day with a variety of sights and activities including a design museum, a castle, a wonderful vegetarian lunch, dinner in a refurbished factory, and strolling the town at night. 

Ghent Castle and the view of the city from inside the castle walls.

From Ghent, we arrived by train in Brussels, which felt like the big, capitol city it is. Here, we stayed two nights and celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary.  In Brussels, we had a true hodge podge of experiences. We visited a comic museum (Because in Belgium, comics are serious business--and it's the birthplace of The Smurfs and TinTin.), a musical instrument museum (which sounds boring, but it was wonderful), had a stroll around the European Union headquarters (where we saw a piece of the Berlin Wall, bottom right picture below), saw dinosaurs (and lots of other things, too) at a Natural History museum, tasted more beer, and of course, ate a ton more chocolate.

We read about the "best, free view in Brussels" before we got there.  It's on the top story of a car park.  You just walk right in to the elevator and head upwards.  It was definitely a good view!

Tenth floor car park view

We really enjoyed Belgium. The people were very friendly, especially our gracious hosts. Next week, we're off to France!