Jun 11, 2013

New project!

Ohmygosh you guys!  My husband and I just bought this 1974 Volkswagen Riviera.  Technically, it's his 30th birthday gift, only it's about four months early.  But you have to jump on good deals, right?! We are crazy excited about this.  It's in great shape, but of course needs to be prettied up a bit.  The body is only primed, so we get to decide what color to paint it. Oh, the possibilities!

 I can't wait to start working on the interior.  I foresee granny square blankets and cute curtains with a vintage touch and a retro picnic basket on the little table.  The top pops up into a bunk bed, and the backseat folds down into one as well.  The side panels on the inside have some maps glued to them, and one has a route traced onto it as if this little van once traveled across the states.  I sure hope so.  I also hope to create some new routes and adventures soon!

1 comment:

  1. Amazing!! I can't wait to see what you do with it :)